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 Can I apply for Vietnam visa 3 months multiple or single entry online from Uzbekistan?

Can I apply for Vietnam visa 3 months multiple or single entry online from Uzbekistan?  Can I apply for Vietnam visa 3 months multiple or single entry online from Uzbekistan?



I’m  Uzbekistan citizens and intend to go to Vietnam as a tourist in April. Can I apply for the visa online? The embassy does not mention this possibility, so I’d like to be sure it’s valid for   Uzbekistan


Yes. Vietnam visa 3 months multiple or single entry online has been applicable for   Uzbekistan citizen for many years. Applying for Vietnam visa online includes the procedure of applying for Vietnam visa approval letter. This is the legal document approved by Vietnam Immigration Department (Vietnam Government), which allows foreign people listed in the letter to enter and exit Vietnam for a given period. With the approval letter, passengers can get Vietnam visa upon arrive at Vietnam international airports (Noi Bai, Ho Chinh Minh or Da Nang airport).

The procedure to apply for Vietnam visa online is very simple. You just need to do as following steps:

-                     Submit visa application online with information as shown in your passport

-                     Settle payment for approval fee

-                     Receiving visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department via email (after 1 to 2 working days), and get printed copy.

You should put printed approval letter copy together with your original passport, and now you are ready get Vietnam visa, and enter Vietnam.

In reality, Uzbekistan citizen can go to Vietnam Embassy to get visa to Vietnam. However, for people entering Vietnam by air, Vietnam visa on arrival is extremely recommended because of its various advantages.

Getting Vietnam visa on arrival is the most convenient, economical and safest way to obtain Vietnam visa. In stead of going to Vietnam Embassy to complete all requirements there or sending your private document to anywhere, you just need to stay at home, and do every request online. The applied online visa fee for Uzbekistan citizen is quoted clearly For the payment, of course, you can proceed online by credit card, via PayPal or swift transfer.


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