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 Vietnam Visa for Sri Lankans in China

Vietnam Visa for Sri Lankans in  China  Vietnam Visa for Sri Lankans in  China

Sri Lanka passport holders need a visa to Vietnam before entering the country. There are some notices for Sri Lanka when applying for Vietnam Visa as follows:

Firstly, Sri Lanka passport holders should take a notice of Vietnam visa fee. Getting official Vietnam visa, as usual, Sri Lanka applicants need to pay two kinds of fees: approval fee and stamping fee. The applied Vietnam visa approval fee for Sri Lanka citizens is not same as that fee for citizens of other countries. To get specific fee details, please do not hesitate to contact us. For the stamping fee, it is depended on the number of times you travel to and froVietnam. It does not depend on the length of time you will stay inVietnam(1 month or 3 months). You will pay directly to Immigration Officers by USD cash. The applied stamping fee is same to all travelers.

Type of visa:

Apply Vietnam Visa for Sri Lankans  - 1 month single entry in China

Apply Vietnam Visa for Sri Lankans  - 3 months single entry in China

Apply Vietnam Visa for Sri Lankans - 1 month multiple entry in China

Apply Vietnam Visa for Sri Lankans  - 3 months multiple entry in China

How to get Vietnam visa on arrival?

Last but no least, you should remember the procedures of applying a visa to Vietnam for Sri Lanka citizens. If you do not want to access our website to apply online, you just need to send us the required document, a copy of your passport, via our email: then notify us your arrival date and kind of Vietnam visa that you want to apply. Then, Pro Vietnam Visa staff will confirm you the approval fee for your case and send you the further steps. After 2 or 3 working days, the issued visa approval letter will be sent via your email.

Other way, You go online at; fill in secure online application form, pay service fee by credit card and just wait 2 working days (normal processing) or 1 working day ( urgent processing) to receive your visa approval letter via email. After all, you take this letter + your passport + 2 photos + some dollars as stamping fee to pick up your real visa at Vietnam airport.

- Issuing unit: Vietnam Immigration Department

- Processing time: 1-2 working days

- No passport required

After receiving the visa approval letter, you should print it out to get on board and stamp Vietnam Visa on checking in Vietnam airport.


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