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 Vietnam Visa For Saudi Arabia Citizen in Zimbabwe

Vietnam Visa For Saudi Arabia Citizen in Zimbabwe  Vietnam Visa For Saudi Arabia Citizen in Zimbabwe


Type of visa:

Getting Vietnam visa  letter 1 month single entry for Saudi Arabia citizens in Zimbabwe

Getting Vietnam visa letter 3 months single entry for Saudi Arabia citizens in Zimbabwe

Getting Vietnam visa letter 1 month multiple  entry for Saudi Arabia citizens in Zimbabwe

It is a good news for Saudi Arabia citizens that Vietnam Visa is now available for them. However there are some notices to bear in mind as follows:

1.      The application submission

Only such reliable agent in Vietnam as Vietnam Visa online can be the sponsor for Saudi Arabia citizens’ entering and staying in Vietnam. In other words, those Saudi Arabia citizens who wish to enter Vietnam should submit their Vietnam Visa application online or contact directly with the support staff of those agents for help in specific cases.

2.      Fee Vietnam Visa for Saudi Arabia citizens

As the agent acts as a sponsor for you, and the requirements are different, the fee applied is not the same as other cases applying for Vietnam Visa. To be specific, a total fee of USD 85..120$ is charged for approval fee, and USD 45 or 65$ should be paid for stamping fee. Remember that the approval fee is to be paid beforehand while stamping fee is paid once your Vietnam Visa is stamped onto your passport.

3.      How long does it take to process Vietnam Visa for Saudi Arabia citizens? How does it work?

Vietnam Immigration Department will take 3 working days at the longest approving any Saudi Arabia citizens’ application for Vietnam Visa.  Once it is approved, a scan of the Visa Approval Letter should be sent to your registered email address. This letter operates like an air ticket which bears a code issued by the Immigration Department. The code is also the means for the Immigration Department to monitor and observe your immigration activity in Vietnam. Therefore, just by showing your approval code to the Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport, the database will recognized your all submitted information and issue visa accordingly.

For more information on the issue, please do not hesitate to contact us


•   Before applying for Vietnam visa, an Saudi Arabia citizens has to make sure that his/her passport has minimum 6 month validity and left pages.

•   Visa on arrival option is ONLY applicable for Saudi Arabia citizens traveling by air to Vietnam.

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