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 Emergency vietnam visa for Jordan citizens in Uruguay

Emergency vietnam visa for Jordan citizens in Uruguay  Emergency vietnam visa for Jordan citizens in Uruguay

Our emergency hotline receives international oversea calls any time at our night. No problem, no worry as we are here to help you in this difficult situation!

This can be the fastest case in one hour, standard urgent processing time is 24 hours.

If you suddendly find out while you are going to board your flight to Asia without having a valid Vietnam visa, the best way is call us:  to see it is ok to proceed or you still can email us: , we are 24h online so you do not worry that we do not read and reply.

 Hotline: (84) - 1 666 224 888

Tel:   (84) - 4 - 85 82 04 79


Type of visa:

 Getting Vietnam visa  letter 1 month single entry for Jordan citizens in Uruguay

Getting Vietnam visa letter 3 months single entry for Jordan citizens in Uruguay

Getting Vietnam visa letter 1 month multiple  entry for Jordan citizens in Uruguay


Stay online for a while to receive our message and/or instruction when neccessary. There are some rare cases, travelers are standing at the airport without a visa, we can help you and within an hour or so, you are ready to enter Vietnam.

The cost will vary based on the level of emergency. Please check with our people. You are advised to go ahead with these costs only when you are fully satisfied.

Important note to whom arrives Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) airport during weekend!

For this emergency, unlike arriving Hanoi, we can't have visa ready on spot for you and we have to keep your passport to return to you the next day. We make a full warranty however for you to enter the country safely though the cost is very very expensive.

To avoid such a rush, Cheap Vietnam Visa  recommends you to check and make sure you have an advanced visa by whatever way (Visa On Arrival or Visa at Embassy) to enter Vietnam.

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